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Daphne | June 16, 2010 | 3 Comments

As we sort through the 110 DV tapes of archival footage going back as early as 1997, we’ve come across some priceless moments. Below are a few stills we’ve extracted to give you an idea.

“The innocence and pure enthusiasm for windsurfing that came from these kids… it was infectious, everyone was so pumped up… and they proceeded to win places in every event that they entered. There are sometimes when all stars align and something really special happens and we were watching it right in front of us.” –Tinho Dornellas speaking about the Bonaire Kids at 2001 Calema Midwinters

11 year old Kiri Thode with Matt Pritchard (then World Freestyle Champion) at 2001 Calema Midwinters

9 year old Bjorn Saragoza at 2001 Calema Midwinters

13 year old Choko Frans at 2001 Calema Midwinters

Young Tonky getting psyched for the competition.

Tonky smiles after landing a solid forward loop.

Taty rigging up in the cold weather at 2001 Calema Midwinters.

An emotional Tonky hugs his family just after winning 1st place at the 2002 PWA King of the Caribbean competition in Bonaire.

“It starts raining… there’s no wind… it’s cold… everyone’s scattered towards the shop… and as I was running through the rain, I stopped for a moment and saw there was one person out on the water… one skinny little kid in a wet suit that didn’t quite fit right… and that was Kiri. And at that moment, I said that’s what it takes to be a world champion.” -Dasher

Boeboe and his grandson Kiri run through the rain at the 2001 Calema Midwinters.

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