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Daphne | September 30, 2010 | No Comments

For the past few days there has not been much wind here at the PWA competition in Sylt Germany, so the Bonaire boys suggested a tow-in freestyle competition at sunset (a method invented by the Frans brothers). The jetski pulled the windsurfers fast enough so that they could pull off impressive moves for the spectators watching on the beach, making the event a great success! Though unfortunately we missed most of it because we were driving around the island to film scenic shots, I’ve snatched a few photos from continentseven’s album to give you an idea. Just after the competition, we had a great interview with Taty. It turned out to be one of our most emotional interviews so far, almost left us all in tears, and served as a great reminder as to why this story is so important to tell.

Taty being pulled by the jetski, photo courtesy of continentseven

Tonky ripping it out on the water, photo courtesy of continentseven

Filming Taty’s interview on the beach.

Daphne and Taty

Max and the legendary wiener.

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