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Update on the film & meeting up with Orange Grove

February 8, 2011 | Posted by Daphne | 2 Comments

Alex and Daphne have been editing around the clock these past two months and the cut is looking great. It’s exciting to see the film finally coming together. Thanks to all our fans for their patience – with over 150+ hours of footage, it’s been a huge undertaking but the journey will hopefully be worth it in the end. Our goal is to have a rough cut done by mid March so we can make a return trip to Bonaire to shoot some final missing shots in April, and then work hard to have the film finished by June 2011.

SIDE NOTE: to all those who have travelled or are living in Bonaire – we are really in need of old material from the 70s/80s/90s related to the island. Anything from old postcards, maps, or photos/videos – particularly of the Bonaire Sailing Regatta, Barbecues, Bonaire kids, Island life. All who contribute will receive credit in the final film. If you can help, please contact daphne@childrenofthewindmovie.com

Meanwhile, here in NYC we recently met up with the guys of Orange Grove, a Dutch caribbean rock band that will be composing several tracks for the film. The band was in town for a few gigs, and invited us to take part in a short interview at The Real Radio Show in Times Square. After the show, bass guitarist Jacob Streefkerk and lead singer Michael Maidwell joined us back at our apartment where we had a great time hanging out and chatting with the guys. After dinner, Bob brought out his Martin D-35 acoustic guitar, and the guys played ‘Surf Song’ for us, a track from their upcoming album that we definitely plan to include in the film. The moment was very laid back, but we were able to capture it on our mini sony cam. Here it is:

On March 3, our team will be travelling to St. Maarten to film Orange Grove play at the Heineken Regatta 2011, the largest sailing event in the Caribbean. We will be promoting the film while there, and searching for sponsors that can help us to the finish line!  This event is going to be awesome, we hope you’ll join us.

COMING SOON: t-shirt/poster/dvd presales on our site by end of February

Peace and love.

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  • Rick Allen says:

    I came across Children of the Wind this morning, and I can’t wait to see the final cut. Do DVD pre-sales go toward finishing the film? Are you still seeking funding for it? It was a nice surprise to see Orange Grove attached as well.

  • Blair Box says:

    I learned to Windsurf back in the Pioneer days!Your film showed bits and pieces of those times and then unfolded a truly beautiful inspiring tale-i was captivated!My thing was Freestyle and I learned from the best back then-these guys have created a whole new exciting, magical form of Windsurfing! Go Bonaire!!Thank you for a great film-

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