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Interview with Nevin Sayre

May 27, 2011 | Posted by Daphne | 3 Comments

This past weekend Bob and Daphne along with camera operator Marque DeWinter ventured up to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusettes to interview 5-time US National Windsurfing Champion Nevin Sayre. Not only is Nevin a legendary former competitor, he had a major influence in bringing the Bonaire boys to their first international competitions in the states, namely King of the Cape in 2002 when he hosted 13 of them in his house! It was at this competition that the boys received their first cash rewards and sponsorship contracts after blowing away the top pros at the time.

Our trip started with a five hour drive to Woods Hole, where we parked our car and took a ferry over to the island. We spotted Nevin right away waiting for us at the port – as he was the only one in bare feet! A true windsurfer. We managed to capture a fantastic interview with him just as the sun was setting, filmed on a nearby beach. That night we ate a delicious barbecue dinner prepared by his son Rasmus and wife Stina — and awoke the next morning to continue part 2 of Nevin’s interview. This time in foggier conditions which allowed for a nice even lighting that will be an interesting contrast to the colorful vistas of Bonaire. We greatly enjoyed hearing Nevin’s stories and seeing the passionate love he has for the Bonairean windsurfers — who he calls his “brahdahs.” It was a fantastic few days and Nevin’s interview will certainly play an important role in the film.

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  • Ann Phelan says:

    It was amazing to welcome the team 2001 to the Cape..great memories of the BBQ at Nevin and Stina’s home..

  • Wilma Steverink says:

    Dear Nevin, I am preparing myself to do an interview tomorrow. I had to look up old Windsurfer stuff and your name popped up in the file Teamsailing Worlds in Marseille in 1982. Using Google, I found you at once. I am quite pleasantly suprised to find you are still connected to the sport .
    You look good! Warm regards from The Netherlands,
    Wilma Steverink (on the organizing committee)

  • Hey Nevin! I was looking up a different Sayre and your name popped up! How fun to read all about you and your family, and remember the work I love so much. I’m still fighting the good fight! Be well.

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