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Filming in Bonaire – June 2011

June 24, 2011 | Posted by Daphne | Comment?

Our team could not have asked for a better shoot these past 2 weeks in Bonaire. During the week leading up to the competition, we were able to capture some important pick-up shots and verite sequences such as a home cooked lunch with Tonky, Taty, Kiri and their grandparents. We also followed the preparations for the competition closely as the local team of workers transformed the point at Sorobon in just five days. By Sunday, the wind had picked up to a steady 23 Knots, making fantastic conditions for the start of the competition. With 35 countries competing, the level was incredibly high, but in the end the Bonaire boys stole the show with Kiri Thode landing in 1st place, Taty Frans in 3rd place, and Tonky Frans in 7th place. Bonaire’s younger competitors fought hard as well: Bjorn Saragoza in 8th place, Youp Schmit in 11th place, and Amado Vrieswijk in 13th place. The biggest shock of the trip was Choco Frans, younger brother of Tonky and Taty, who decided last minute to compete without having trained in over a year. Choco was a member of the original Bonaire team that travelled to Florida in 2001 and many said he was the most talented of the Frans brothers. But over the years Choco gave up windsurfing to finish school and work to support his wife and child. With the PWA stopping on Bonaire this year, he was finally given the chance to compete once again and prove his skills on the water. He did just that, coming in 8th place overall! After the competition ended, Daphne and Andrey stayed an extra 2 days to cover the ProKids competition, which turned out great but could have used a bit more wind. Cheppi came in 1st place in freestyle, and Jurgen Saragoza in 2nd. On the way back to New York, Daphne and Andrey spent the night in Aruba, generously hosted by Sarah-Quita’s family. Unfortunately wind conditions were not strong enough that Monday, but they were able to capture a few shots Tuesday morning before their flight left. It was an excellent trip overall, and great to see all of our friends again! We will now begin incorporating this new footage into our rough cut edit. Our goal is to finish the film by the end of 2011.

Sincere thanks everyone who has supported us and to our sponsors below. This trip would never have been possible without you.

Bonaire Windsurf Place
Tourism Corporation Bonaire
Sonrisa Boutique Hotel
Total Rent-A-Car
Bobbejans BBQ
Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino
El Mundo Restaurant
Chat ‘N Browse

Young windsurfer carrying his gear at sunset.

Boeboe Thode, grandfather to Tonky, Taty and Kiri with “Love” tattooed on his forehead.

Filming Tonky Frans on the hill at sunset.

Bob and Marque wearing the new Children of the Wind T-shirts.

In a fateful series of events, Yegor Popretinskiy (Russia) was almost denied entry into Bonaire because of a mix-up with his Visa. But thanks to the efforts of Lara Chirino of TCB, Yegor was stopped in Curacao and allowed to return and compete! Here Yegor and Taty celebrate his arrival in the airport.

Patun helps carry the tripod.

Patun and Bob walk out to a remote shooting location on the southern tip of Bonaire.

Patun and Bob

Marque surrounded by children while shooting at a pre-school in Rincon.

Andrey filming at sunset.

Sarah-Quita Offringa, #1 Women’s Freestyle, driving at sunset.

Elvis Martinus, Erwin Muller and Patun Saragoza, the three men who started it all.

Filming out at sea with Tino.

Bob and Daphne speaking about the film on the PWA live feed.

Philip Soltysiak, from Canada and ranked #8 in Men’s freestyle.

Kiri, Choco, Taty and Tonky: Bonaire’s local heroes

Kiri Thode enters the awards ceremonies on a windsurfing thrown to claim his 1st place victory.

Taty Frans windsurfing with his daughter Gianna.

Stepherd “Cheppi” Gustowski, upcoming star on Bonaire

Friends and Family of Tonky, Taty and Kiri cheer from the beach with custom designed posters and t-shirts!

Windsurfers at Sorobon point

Boeboe Thode, looking cool as ever

Alex Halank, a young champion windsurfer from Australia, speaks with us about the influence that the Bonaireans have had on his life.

Governor Glenn Thode watches the competition.

Sarah-Quita shows us around Aruba during our one day visit.


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