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Update November 2011

November 28, 2011 | Posted by Daphne | Comment?

Editing of the film is moving along well here in New York! Andrey (editor) and Daphne (director) have been working hard to incorporate the new footage from the PWA competition in Bonaire into our rough cut, and we are almost there! Our goal is to complete the film by mid February to submit to the Cannes Film Festival.

This deadline is only a few months away, and we need your help to get there! The generous donations we received from Kickstarter and through our website have brought us to where we are today — and we are so grateful for this support. Now there is one final stage to complete:

* Finishing the edit
* Color Correction
* Sound Mix

If we all come together one last time to offer a small donation ($10 or $20) we can make it!


Why has this film taken over two years to make?
Children of the Wind tells a story that spans over 20 years. To accomplish this, our team captured over 200 hours of footage and collected over 100 hours of archival material. We then faced the enormously difficult of compiling this footage into a 90-minute documentary. Unlike fiction films that have a screenplay, documentaries are a discovery process. With each interview and verite sequence that we filmed, the story and structure of the film has evolved. For example, it wasn’t until after we completed our first rough cut last Spring, that we realized we needed a more compelling ending, and decided to film the professional world tour competition on Bonaire that June. This turned out to be an epic event, which we will let you experience in the film! That brings us to where we are today, working hard to incorporate this new competition footage into the film.

What is our plan for the film?
We intend to enter Children of the Wind into the 2012 film festival circuit. If successful, we hope to secure semi-theatrical distribution, which will allow our film to be seen in select theaters around the world. Our team also plans to tour across the States and Europe to screen the film for various sailing collectives and youth groups. We will also pitch the film to be broadcast on domestic and international television. Lastly of course, the film will be available in DVD format through our website.

Thank you to everyone who has shown us love and support over the past few years. We could never be where we are today without you! Up until now, our team has worked on an entirely volunteer basis. All donations go directly towards covering technical costs. We hope you will join us in this final stage to bring this wonderful story to the big screen.

Warmest regards,
Daphne Schmon

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