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Daphne | July 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

Children of the Wind had it’s World Premiere at the Aruba International Film Festival June 23-25 and we are ecstatic to report that we won the festival’s main award: “The Audience Award”! It was a wonderful week, and thanks to Tiara Air, many of the Bonaire boys in the film were able to join us.

Simon Braund of Empire Magazine writes:
“Film-wise, for Empire, the stand-out of the AIFF is still the documentary Children Of The Wind, a) because it’s a compelling story of triumph over adversity, b) because it is extremely well made, c) because of the irresistible personalities of the subjects, and d) because it achieves the impossible feat of making windsurfing interesting to non-aficionados. “

Read Simon Braund’s full review: HERE

Full detailed report of our experience at the festival can be found on the following blog post, written by producer Robert McCormick.

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