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Daphne | November 29, 2012 | 9 Comments

Daphne accepting award at X-Dance

X-Dance Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Sunday night, November 11th.

In a star-studded awards ceremony honoring the best sports-themed movies of the year, in front of an audience made up of leading sports filmmakers, athletes and enthusiasts from around the world, “Children of the Wind” made big news by winning three awards including “Best Documentary.” X-Dance–a play on the word Sun”dance” after the renowned film festival, and “X” for “extreme sports”– is the largest sports action film festival in the world.   For 12 years X-Dance had run concurrently with the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah, but grew so big in its own right, that this year festival organizers decided to change the dates to November, and X-Dance is now a stand-alone major film festival.  X-Dance receives hundreds of the best sports-themed films from around the world, including big-budget films backed by companies like Red Bull, and just getting accepted is a significant honor. However, to be recognized as the “best of the best” is a huge achievement for “Children of the Wind” which won: “Best Documentary” (WATCH HERE)“Best Emerging Filmmaker—Daphne Schmon” (WATCH HERE); and “Best Original Score” Phillip Lober (WATCH HERE).  No other feature at the festival won more than one award.  “Children of the Wind” was also one of four films nominated for “Best Film.”  Of further note, in a film genre that is dominated by men on the production side, Daphne Schmon, the director and main editor of COTW was the only female recognized in any of the awards or nominations.

Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

In addition to our success at X-Dance, we had an extraordinary 4 weeks on the festival circuit bolstering our hope and intent that COTW is reaching out far beyond the sports-themed genre. First, at the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival in late October in Oregon we won “Most Inspirational Documentary” and were the only feature given an encore screening. Then, at the end of November, we won the award for “Best Documentary” under starlight and a full house of dignitaries, celebrities and press in the famous Nelson Dockyard at the International Film Festival of Antigua and Barbuda. Further, the festival chose “Children of the Wind” as the main film to be given an encore screening on their sister island of Barbuda the following week. Though we were unable to attend this screening, one of the festival directors, Petra Frisell, wrote us the next morning:

“The screening was absolutely magical. The Barbuda Council was there as well as approximately 70 people in the audience — and they LOVED it!! People were engaging and applauding with the screen while Children of the Wind was showing. To top it off, as the audience was walking away, there was a RAINBOW against the full moon. In all my years living here, I have never heard of this before.”

If words are inadequate to describe the past four weeks and three film festivals in which Children of the Wind has screened, this moment in Barbuda does.

Phillip Lober, Composer of Children of the Wind

We want to particularly applaud the remarkable work of our composer, Phillip Lober.  We were thrilled when he won the award at X-Dance for “Best Original Score.”  He wrote most of it at the age of 16, and though now 18, he was competing at X-Dance against a full slate of formidable composers—many with significant budgets.  In Aruba, about half the score was copywrited as Phillip and Daphne didn’t have time to finish it prior to the deadline.  Phillip’s music has now replaced all of the “borrowed” music, and the results are extraordinary.  It was a terrific film in Aruba.  It is an even better and more powerful film now—thanks to Phillip’s score and the way it’s been interpolated into the cut by Daphne.


Our work now is forging relationships with distributors and planning our release date in Spring of 2013. The film will be available in HD digital download as well as DVD (and most likely BluRay).

We will also continue on the festival circuit and keep the updates coming! So stay tuned!



“BEND DA KNEES AND FEEL DA BREEZE !” – our new favorite expression that we learned from our friend and windsurfing pioneer in Antigua, Patrick Scales!

Final night with friends at X-Dance

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